Ways to better protect yourself against viruses

When it comes to the swine flu, or any illness for that matter, one of the biggest and most effective ways that you can protect yourself and others is through prevention. Keeping yourself from getting it in the first place with good hygiene and other tricks is the best strategy to keep down the spread as well.

Whether you wear medical scrubs or you are an average person on the street, the chances are you are going to come into contact with someone at some point who is infected with some kind of communicable illness. The trouble is, you will likely never know who, and the only way to make sure that you are truly safe is to follow some basic guidelines.

First, don’t touch your face. If you are in public places, working with people, or simply traveling, do not touch your hands to your eyes, nose, or your mouth. One of the main ways many viruses enter your body is through the respiratory track, and by putting your hand up close to these areas you are practically asking to be contaminated.

Secondly, wash your hands. This one can not be stressed enough. It is critically important that you wash your hands as much as you can in between interactions or contact with items outside your own space. When you do so, be certain that you use hot water for at least twenty to thirty seconds and use soap. Also it is important that you get under your fingernails and that you wash with your wands aimed into the sink, and you down your forearm to your fingers.

If there is no sink, use a hand sanitizer. This needs to be alcohol based however, because it will evaporate on your hands. There are other types of this useful substance that will leave a residue on your skin that will actually act as a breading ground for a bigger problem.

Finally, make sure that you are covering your mouth if you are sneezing or coughing. Moisture will escape through droplet’s in the air and can travel a shocking three feet or more. Don’t be the cause of the transference of any viruses because you forgot to cover your mouth. It is also suggested that you use your forearm or elbow and not your hand. As discussed earlier this can lead to the ingesting of infectious particles found on your hands from someone else.

If you work in a setting where there are ill people it is always advisable to wear a mask and use medical scrubs. You can find some great sets at www.scrubsgallery.com and these will enable you to have what essentially is a shield against you and your clothing, and the medical scrubs.

Knowledge is key, and when it comes to viruses you need to stay informed and safe.

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