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Europe Ignoring Swine Flu?

May 30th, 2009 1 comment
Table. U.S. Human Cases of H1N1 Flu Infection
updated May 29, 2009,

States* Confirmed and Probable Cases Deaths
71 cases
6 cases
540 cases
553 cases
68 cases
149 cases
115 cases
165 cases
28 cases
71 cases
12 cases
1002 cases
138 cases
71 cases
34 cases
50 cases
114 cases
11 cases
48 cases
416 cases
229 cases
47 cases
13 cases
29 cases
14 cases
43 cases
84 cases
New Hampshire
35 cases
New Jersey
72 cases
New Mexico
97 cases
New York
553 cases
North Carolina
14 cases
North Dakota
6 cases
18 cases
67 cases
132 cases
123 cases
Rhode Island
13 cases
South Carolina
41 cases
South Dakota
6 cases
100 cases
1403 cases
122 cases
3 cases
29 cases
575 cases
Washington, D.C.
14 cases
1430 cases
1 case
8,975 cases

*includes the District of Columbia

**one case is resident of KY but currently hospitalized in GA.

Some estimate over 100,000 cases of swine flu in North America, and Japan’s cases, by some counts, tip swine flu into pandemic. So say the New Scientist editors. European health officials however are balking, claiming there is no evidence of sustained H1N1 transmission in Europe. Those same editors go on to say, “That’s hardly surprising, as Europe isn’t doing the relevant tests.”

Most health departments in Europe are suffering from swine flu test equipment shortages. In the UK, officials are only testing potential swine flu cases if they meet the following criteria. Fever above 38 Celcius or history of fever AND two or more flu-like symptions (cough, sore throat, etc.) AND contact with a confirmed swine flu case OR have been in Mexico or the US in the past week.

If that seems convoluted and backwards you’re more perceptive than UK health officials. Swine flu is spreading in Japan, usually when those falling ill have had no contact with US/Mexico travelers.

Before you dismiss these public health administration lapses because you think swine flu is overhyped, we encourage you to read other articles on swine flu tracker. Specifically take note of the typical wave-like pattern of past flu pandemics. The virus can mutate in the southern hemisphere during the northern hemisphere’s summer  months and return stronger.

European nations are familiar with both the power of pathogens and the consequences of inept policies thereof. (foot and mouth/hoof and mouth anyone?) If you happen to be or know a prominent health officer in Europe, consider telling them that evidence has debunked the old head in the sand technique for dealing with swine flu.

Current US swine flu cases

The table to the right displays current swine flu cases in the US by state.

For international human cases of swine flu infection
please visit the World Health Organization web site.

NOTE: Because of daily reporting deadlines, the state totals reported by CDC may not always be consistent with those reported by state health departments. If there is a discrepancy between these two counts, data from the state health departments should be used as the most accurate number.

Swine Flu Cases Mount

May 7th, 2009 4 comments

Click the image for a map of swine flu cases.

Click the image for a map of swine flu cases.

Swine flu cases are quickly approaching the one thousand milestone in the US as additional swine flu victims also mount in Mexico. The editors of New Scientist have called for a “ flu Manhattan project” in the face of a looming swine flu pandemic, noting the irony that it’s not an Asian bird flu prompting this alarming editorial.

What’s so hard about a swine flu Manhattan project? As usual, the devil’s in the corporate/government details. Preventing a swine flu pandemic can not be done unilaterally. This must be a whole-world effort to combat the next flu pandemic. Naturally, it comes down to dollars and cents, or yuan or whatever currencies we need to spend. Read the New Scientist article for more details.

Why was swine flu so much worse in Mexico?

In Mexico, there are more over the counter options to treat swine flu symptoms. Want antibiotics? No problem. They’re cheap and you don’t need a prescription. Additionally, though there’s a certain level  of state-run health care in Mexico, many residents aren’t near clinics and don’t have enough money to pay the nominal fee required for swine flu treatment.

This trend of avoiding treatment is exacerbated in the younger generations which were hit hard by swine flu. It’s not that swine flu is uncharacteristically killing the hearty youth, rather they’re avoiding medical help in lieu of home symptom treatment. The only two people to be killed by swine flu in the US were both weakened. One elderly, the other a baby.

The over the counter drugs and the recklessness of Mexican youth alone cannot explain the excessive swine flu deaths in Mexico. Elements of Mexican culture are also to blame. Did you know there are thousands of schools in Mexico without running water and bathrooms? It’s no wonder swine flu spread so quickly and became so deadly. Furthermore, Mexico City is one of the most crowded cities on the planet. Cramped conditions, poor medical policies and antiquated sanitation made (and continue to make) the perfect swine flu storm in Mexico.

Is all of Mexico like that?! No. There are plenty of places where there is no swine flu, like Cabo San Lucas. Why? There are restrooms in Cabo. The tap water is drinkable even by people from the US. And most importantly, it’s a desert… with a lot of tourist money flowing through its infrastructure veins. Who says money doesn’t solve big problems? Slap them. They’re wrong. Money fixes swine flu.

Visit the swine flu tracker swine flu map for the latest on swine flu news.

Swine Flu Update

May 6th, 2009 1 comment
Swine flu in Mexico, or a Michael Jackson video?

Swine flu in Mexico, or a Michael Jackson video?

Some are saying parts of Mexico look like a scene out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

Dr. Richard E. Besser, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has bluntly stated: “As this moves forward, I fully expect that we will see deaths from this infection.” He’ was right. Tuesday marked the first domestic US death from swine flu. An earlier swine flu death in the United States originated in Mexico. The child died in the US when its caretakers brought it to Texas for treatment. In the same vein, (not to discount these tragic deaths,) the first domestic swine flu death was an elderly person with other health problems.

The one piece of encouraging news is that, outside of Mexico, swine flu victims can make a quick recovery if the illness is treated early. Of the thousands of suspected cases in Mexico, only about one thousand people remain hospitalized today, suggesting that the illness is very treatable if medical attention is sought in the early stages.

And though the initial spread of swine flu is by some accounts waning, experts predict that the northern hemispheres winter flu season will likely welcome a more virulent version of the H1N1 swine flu virus. Health organizations will pay close attention to the swine flu in the southern hemisphere in an effort to perfect a vaccine before the more populous northern flu season.

More good news. In an effort to halt or slow the spread of the swine flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) released 2.5 million doses of Tamiflu on Tuesday for distribution in developing countries.

See the swine flu tracker swine flu map page for more information on swine flu cases near you. Stay tuned for more swine flu updates.

Swine Flu Map Added to Swine Flu Tracker

April 30th, 2009 1 comment

Swine flu updates on the fly. You asked for it. Here it is. Click swine flu map above for more swine flu maps.

View 2009 H1N1 Flu Outbreak Map in a larger map

Stay tuned to swine flu tracker for more. If you have swine flu questions, post them in the comments to any post.

Swine Flu Shuts Down Texas

April 29th, 2009 No comments

Every school sporting event and academic event in Texas has been cancelled or postponed until at least May 11th, 2009 because of the Texas swine flu outbreak. Regional track meets – cancelled. Over 50,000 students denied their extracurricular activities. Is this justified? Sadly, yes.

The old “better safe than sorry” adage applies to swine flu, caused by the H1N1 flu virus. The world health organization today upped the swine flu pandemic alert status to reflect the high potential for a global swine flu pandemic.

The Obama administration and CDC continue their two-faced freak-out/stay calm approach. Arguably, it’s warranted. A potential swine flu pandemic requires that we become more aware of our own and others’ health practices while at the same time, we should not fall victim to swine flu panic.  It’s a fine line.

Too much panic is self-defeating and could lead to calls of crying wolf over swine flu. Conversely if we stay too calm, we could fall victim to the swine flu zombies. Case in point. I ordered a pizza today. Two actually. One with pineapple and black olives, the other with peperoni and double cheese. (Heart attack in a cardboard box… if it doesn’t kill me, the swine flu might!) And while I didn’t order any swine flu topping on either pie, the thought crossed my mind… “What if one of the pizza makers just came back from spring break in Mexico City with a case of swine flu?”

I decided that scenario was unlikely, and I really wanted pizza. But it illustrates a potential conundrum that might become more common, should the “swine flu pandemic” actually become a true pandemic. According to the WHO, it’s on its way. Stay tuned to swine flu tracker.

Obama’s Swine Flu Assurances Fall Flat

April 28th, 2009 No comments

President Obama on the swine flu outbreak…

  • “heightened state of alert”
  • “public health emergency”
  • “not a cause for alarm”

There’s a lack of consistency in the president’s swine flu message. This is the gaffe-like language we expect from Joe Biden, not Barack Obama. Hints for the president on issuing future swine flu pandemic announcements:

  • Use consistent language. Don’t sell me swine flu doom and gloom and FUD in one breath and tell me not to worry in the next.
  • Educate about swine flu. Don’t scare. People are worthless when they’re scared. Tell people to wash their hands or something.
  • Regularity. Nobody likes it when they don’t take a dump for a few days. So tell us what’s up every day. If the swine flu outbreak is really a public health emergency, I want you talking to me about it every day.
  • Wear a mask. Lead by example. How incredible would it be to see the president of the USA wearing a blue surgical mask on TV talking about swine flu? Sure, it’d cause panic in the streets, but at least it’ll work a little faster than the current Obama swine flu message. Who even knows what he’s trying to do?

The president (and his aides) should be telling people how to avoid swine flu. What are the swine flu symptoms, etc. I know it’s not typically the “job” of the prez to do that sort of thing, but you have to admit, it’d be better than saying what he’s already said about swine flu.

Swine flu tracker is just getting started. More newsy posts to follow, unless you prefer the Obama bashing.

Swine FLu Tracker Launch

April 27th, 2009 5 comments

Just getting started. In short time we’ll post everything you need to know about the potential swine flu pandemic. The swine flu is already international, with cases confirmed in Mexico, USA, Canada and Spain. Other contries suspect cases too. Stay tuned for swine flu news.

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