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Swine Flu Update

Swine flu in Mexico, or a Michael Jackson video?

Swine flu in Mexico, or a Michael Jackson video?

Some are saying parts of Mexico look like a scene out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

Dr. Richard E. Besser, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has bluntly stated: “As this moves forward, I fully expect that we will see deaths from this infection.” He’ was right. Tuesday marked the first domestic US death from swine flu. An earlier swine flu death in the United States originated in Mexico. The child died in the US when its caretakers brought it to Texas for treatment. In the same vein, (not to discount these tragic deaths,) the first domestic swine flu death was an elderly person with other health problems.

The one piece of encouraging news is that, outside of Mexico, swine flu victims can make a quick recovery if the illness is treated early. Of the thousands of suspected cases in Mexico, only about one thousand people remain hospitalized today, suggesting that the illness is very treatable if medical attention is sought in the early stages.

And though the initial spread of swine flu is by some accounts waning, experts predict that the northern hemispheres winter flu season will likely welcome a more virulent version of the H1N1 swine flu virus. Health organizations will pay close attention to the swine flu in the southern hemisphere in an effort to perfect a vaccine before the more populous northern flu season.

More good news. In an effort to halt or slow the spread of the swine flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) released 2.5 million doses of Tamiflu on Tuesday for distribution in developing countries.

See the swine flu tracker swine flu map page for more information on swine flu cases near you. Stay tuned for more swine flu updates.

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    H1N1 Flu Virus is a respiratory illness, symptoms of which includes fever, fatigue, lack of appetite, coughing and sore throat. The elderly, young children and people with chronic illnesses are at greatest risk for severe illness from the flu. Stay alert, seek medical attention whenever necessary and know Swine Flu FAQ.

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