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Well, not really. Unless you count a sick baby from Mexico coming to the US for treatment as the “first US swine flu death.” I don’t mean to discount the tragedy of any swine flu deaths, but at the same time the swine flu fear mongering around this first swine flu death in the United States is inexcusable.

Let’s try to think of a good analogy… You live in Plainville. Somebody from Badville (500 miles away) has been dumping dead kittens in your town. The media starts reporting that your town isn’t safe for kittens. Right, it’s not the best swine flu analogy, but it’ll do.

What can you do to avoid swine flu and avoid being the second swine flu death in the US? Start by avoiding infected people. Don’t go to Mexico City. What about swine flu in Cabo and other parts of Mexico? No swine flu in Cabo yet. One reader tells us that’s because Cabo is a hot, drty desert. But maybe they’re stashing all of the swine flu vaccine there. You should investigate and report back! OR, just maybe, there aren’t any swine flu cases in Cabo San Lucas because it’s just not there. Who would go on vacation with swine flu symptoms anyhow?

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